Jupiter in the 8th House

People having Jupiter in the 8th house have a definite predisposition to witness gains using other people’s money. While benefit from financial investments and speculation is indicated, optimum success is achieved through resources of others’, possibly, the money of shareholders or finances of a spouse or business partner. Banking and insurance are other fields where such people may do well. However, excessive lending may be a cause for loss and often betrayal from trusted sources. In certain scenarios, such people may have impaired judgment and an unwitting tendency to exploit others.

Jupiter in the 8th house also indicates that a person is governed by their emotions. While people having such planetary positions tend to be ruled by the heart and not the head, they are much uninhabited about revealing what they genuinely feel, even if it may end up hurting others. Such people usually have an interest in the occult sciences and may endeavor to gain enough knowledge to become amateurs, if not experts in such fields, over a period of time. They have an urge to use their psychic abilities to heal and help others, having benefit of others in the forefront of their minds.

Males and Females having Jupiter in the 8th house are usually very optimistic and positive about anything and everything. They have much faith and belief in their co-workers which usually wins them friendship and approval. Such people may be inherently prone to stumble across secrets or unknown information, suggesting much success in the police service or intelligence agencies. They may also gain renown for some nature of investigation or fruitful research they carry out. Such planetary positions suggest a peaceful and easy termination of life, after a long and fulfilling existence. People having Jupiter in 8th house, easily come to terms with power by following the path of spirituality.

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