Jupiter in the 7th House

Jupiter in the 7th house is a clear indication of gain and fortune through marriage, or other social relationship or business association. While such people seek partners who are affluent, with a fair social standing and good reputation, they often may marry people who are from a completely different social background. They have spouses who are honest, trustworthy and giving. They share good relations with most of their associates, be it personal or professional, and are perceived as loyal and obliging. They most enjoy discussing their ideas, beliefs and opinions with others, though this may cause rifts with people who are extremely opinionated.

Those having Jupiter in the 7th house are tactful and diplomatic. They are usually very successful in the fields of law, business, government office and consultancy of any nature. Such individuals are cooperative and easy going in their professional environment gaining much admiration and support from their subordinates and co-workers. A most characteristic trait of such people is to have a very strong sense of justice, and an urge to ensure that everything in the Universe is in balance. They often tend to gain enemies in their quest to make all ‘right’, as they often meddle in others’ affairs for fulfilling their self-engineered duty of dishing out justice.

One prominent characteristic of men and women having Jupiter in the 7th house is that they do not have very well defined beliefs or values. They tend to be easily influenced by others and often choose to represent opinions and viewpoints others’ guide them to. Since they are easy to sway, many people take advantage of their gullibility, with them seeming to appear fraudulent and untrustworthy. While such individuals are not typically easy to exploit, there is a definite tendency of being disappointed with the outcome of partnerships of all nature.

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