Jupiter in the 6th House

The occurrence of the Jupiter in the 6th House is a clear indication of a profession that deals with care and cure of the diseased and sick. Such people can expect to be doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists, and psychologists and so on. Naturally their profession combines good monetary remuneration with moral satisfaction, bringing the person peace and contentment. While such people have the reputation of being cooperative and encouraging towards their staff, they naturally seek to establish good working rapports with all and create a general work friendly environment. Such people are blessed with scientific brilliance, and will usually succeed in any science- related field.

People having Jupiter in the 6th House tend to overeat, which may cause health problems later in life. While they overindulge in food and generally do not have much room for a fitness regime in their schedule, such individuals are otherwise healthy other than possible weight issues. They usually have busy, hectic and erratic work routine, and often find themselves behind time on appointments and meeting. A tendency to overwork and overexert oneself can illicit a rather annoyed and irritated response from family or a spouse.

For those having such planetary positions in their horoscope, there is usually a much accelerated rate of advancement in all the spheres of life. Despite having a general sunny disposition and positive outlook in life, such people are not accustomed to, and very open to criticism, whether constructive or otherwise. Moreover, an inherent inclination to indulge in alcohol from the very early years in life is also indicated. Such people are at equilibrium only when they are performing a service for the benefits of others and often worry about work beyond the working hours. They make the best bosses and usually do not have a sharp temper in most circumstances.

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