Jupiter in the 4th House

People having Jupiter in the 4th house are those who typically make gains in the latter part of their lives. Be it in terms of money, success or contentment, they generally achieve fulfillment of their desires after considerable amount of their life has passed. Such people are very closely linked to their home and family. They aspire for a luxurious and comfortable home where they are secure and loved, above anything else. They often gain much from their parents, usually in terms of property or any other material inheritance. Having close relations with kin and company, such people always have the support of loyal friends and extended family in the wake of a crisis.

A most prominent trait of those having Jupiter in the 4th house is that they are generous and kind hearted. They will usually want and try to help anyone in need of help, even if the person is not particularly close. They are naturally hospitable and also display a keen sense of patriotism, which manifests itself into loyalty in areas other than nationality. Often such individuals have a background or leaning towards orthodox religious beliefs, which may not be kindly accepted by all. However, with their giving and liberal nature, they manage to win the hearts of most and many.

Another character trait of those having Jupiter in the 4th house is that they are often very spiritual and rather abstract about their view on life and things. They may have very idealistic or inspirational dreams which hardly ever materialize. This further reflects their concern towards making things ‘right’ to the extent they can. Such individuals hardly like to venture out of their comfort zone and mostly exhibit confidence when at ease and familiar with the people or surroundings involved. Also, they usually are not very stable in their emotions, which are both volatile and easily influenced.

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