Jupiter in the 2nd House

Jupiter in the 2nd house suggests a general good fortune and success in life. For those having such planetary positions, often almost anything they touch may turn to silver, if not gold. Having a knack for taking up on the most lucrative opportunities in life, and disregarding the rest, they usually earn their wealth through business. With a most secure and protected life, such people tend to have seen the best side of life from their very childhood. However, they often get a little too used to the silver spoon and look to be serviced on hand and foot, all throughout their lives.

Those having Jupiter in the 2nd house are talkative and confident about expressing their opinions in all forums. With very little attention to detail, they focus on the larger picture, mostly being forgetful of minute elements that are so important to others. Males and females of this nature are usually broad minded and have a very small attention span, which may be irritant to a close associate or spouse. Being an able communicator, such people will be successful in many fields like law, government office, insurance, banking, religion and even literature. However, it is of most definite likelihood that they will attract personal success and wealth.

The Jupiter in the 2nd house also reflects a luxuriant lifestyle, but also attention to social responsibility. Such individuals will mostly be involved in charity or social work, even if it is out of obligation rather than desire. Also there is a possibility that travel may be professional purpose, often to gain and maintain contacts. Sometimes these people are a little too off hand in making promises, and thus have a reputation of guaranteeing more than they can deliver. However, a cheerful and sunny disposition helps them to wiggle their way out of almost any jam.

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