Jupiter in the 1st House

A person in with Jupiter in the 1st house tends to be confident and expressive. Be it their emotions or thoughts, they will say things as they are. This self-assured demeanor may be a result of lifelong incidence of luck and gains. Such people are inherently fortunate, and are likely to be wealthy even when deprived of education and learning. If well aspected, such planetary positions may represent stardom or immense popularity in all fields. There is a definite leaning towards reaching powerful and influential positions in life, usually through a volley of fateful gains and experiences.

Most men and women having Jupiter in the 1st house are jovial and optimistic, often having a very abstract and non-serious view on life. They tend posses a good sense of humor, possibly suggesting immense success in being a professional comedian. Such people are broad minded and are willing to accommodate the views, opinions and shortcomings of all. They have a logical mind which looks for the prudential aspect of all transactions. Thus, they are successful in professions like those of doctors, lawyers, judges, bankers, and government officials. This further exemplifies their natural ability to carve their own niche in society.

People having Jupiter in the 1st house are mostly healthy, though some may tend to gain weight or have diabetes in the later stages in life. Such individuals are sporty and enjoy adventurous activities. They usually look forward to foreign travel, with many decisions in life, revolving around such desires. A common vice in such people is their big ego which may be the sole reason for various trials and tribulations in life. With an inherent trait to talk freely, they tend to exaggerate things beyond measure, often losing their credibility in the process. Such people, however, have the strongest will power of all.

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