Jupiter in the 12th House

Jupiter in the 12th house is a clear indication that a person is likely to find solace in seclusion. Such people do not necessarily gain personal success, but usually are protected from harm and discomfort. They prefer to carry all philanthropic tasks, for the good of others, in manner that is least likely to bring them any recognition or name. With a unique altruistic approach in life, they are most likely to exhibit ascetic tendencies in mild form. They often find employment in prisons, hospitals, research labs or even asylums where they can reach out to the under privileged mankind, but ‘make a difference’ in whatever small way they can.

People with Jupiter in the 12th house are usually very spiritual and tend to have rather abstract notions and beliefs about most things in life. They believe in quiet introspection and self improvement for happiness and peace. They will hardly act or speak after a good deal of consideration and deliberation. Though not naturally inclined to speak their mind, such people tend to express themselves in a manner that reflects their true feelings. Some such people may be very tactful in doing so, while others may end up making a negative impression on others.

Many people having Jupiter in the 12th house prefer to work behind the scenes, expecting no rewards or commendation for service. This tendency may be driven by the conception that work for fame or recognition, is never motivated by the ‘right reasons’. Such individuals are very idealistic and not practical in the least, which may be a major irritant to family or spouse, particularly if they are not inclined towards such saintly notions. They are typically not likely to gain much wealth in their lifetime, though they tend to leave this world satisfied with whatever little they have achieved.

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