Jupiter in the 11th House

A person, who seems to have lived life in accordance with their self created map of aspirations and goals, will most likely have Jupiter positioned in the 11th house. Such people are those rare examples that exemplify that long term planning often does help reach one’s desired destination in life. They tend to be honored and commended at numerous stages in life, more than what most are able to achieve in a lifetime. Such people look for pleasure and enjoyment in all spheres of life, and may be excessively concerned with luxury and material comforts.

Those men and women having Jupiter in the 11th house have and maintain very strong friendships throughout their lifetimes. Their friends are loyal and trustworthy, and will do jus5t about anything for them. Such people themselves, too, go out of their way to help and support all their close associates in times of need. Their friends are usually influential and of high social standing, and often have some degree of contribution in the realization of their goals and aspirations. Often such people are also acquainted with leading judges, lawyers, journalists, doctors and high government officials. Having the ability to derive much support in a group or gathering, such people, often make very successful politicians, philosophers and thinkers.

People with Jupiter in the 11th house have very good organization skills and are very adept at handling tasks requiring much co-ordination and synergy. Often this rather planned, efficient and brisk approach may be perceived as a little too detached and unemotional when applied to one’s personal life. Such individuals are usually most content when pursuing activities that are for the benefit of the less privileged, especially relating to their freedom, justice and upliftment. Such people often gain much popular support, admiration and recognition for their philanthropic endeavours.

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