Jupiter in the 10th House

Any person having Jupiter in the 10th house is likely to achieve much success and renown, all through the course of their life, particularly at the professional front. They are mostly the bosses’ pet, even without them making any extra effort to please. When the employer, they are admired by their subordinates and colleagues.  A continual rise in the career graph can be expected, though if not well aspected, the outcome may be otherwise. Males and females of this nature are usually perceived to be trustworthy and reliable, and most posses a firm faith in their credibility and skills.

Those having Jupiter in the 10th house, usually have a positive outlook towards life, and may often be too kind or generous, having an innate tendency to be kind and giving. Such people take a very broad and expansive view of matters and hardly ever venture into the smaller technicalities and intricacies of any matter. While this may be an irritant to many around them, their ability to reassure and convince others of their own point of view, allows them to take such liberties without facing much trouble. Such individuals have a fine sense of humor that further attracts people to desire their company.

People who have Jupiter in the 10th house are mostly concerned with the ethical and moral integrity of all actions. With a well defined set of beliefs and values, such people honour their principles over all else. Such people are also known to be born teachers. Some may take it up as their profession, but most enjoy tutoring others about anything and everything, which may be annoying to those who do not appreciate ‘free advice’. However, with their noble and gallant disposition, many are enamored by such individuals, sometimes to the extent of revering their achievements and actions.

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