Chiron in the Houses

An inconsequential planetoid, Chiron encompasses the trajectories of both Saturn and Uranus. With an elliptical orbit which cuts across the flight path of Saturn and caresses that of Uranus, Chiron was exposed to the world in November 1977. Astronomical research justifies that the planet is not more than a couple of million years old, since an earlier presence would have piloted a collision with at least one of the

other heavenly bodies.

Parallel to the erstwhile elements of the horoscope, Chiron’s presence in each of the houses of the natal chart renders a positive as well as a negative side. It depicts those regions where one may have an appeal towards educating others as well as a cooperative attitude. Representative of all problematic areas, Chiron’s arrangement in the astronomical scheme seems sceptically similar to the features of Saturn as each equally contrives to designate indomitable struggles and obstruction.

Where Saturn’s existence illustrates uncertainty and trepidation, an area predisposed to general bad luck, it also, irrefutably, symbolises a redundant region in which an individual’s protective stance comes into action and one experiences wariness and distrust. Usually, this force can be directed to individual benefit by making things work out for us and transform our weak point into our strength. Since Chiron's orbit thwarts that of Saturn, it is no revelation that there are more than a few comparisons in both their effects on each of the houses they reside in. But Chiron also crosses the orbit of Uranus. While Saturn’s presence, obliges one to partake in extensive labour in order to resolve all the problems. In the case of Chiron, these problems require both insight and philosophical thinking, representative of Uranus. To obtain maximum advantage from Chiron’s position in the horoscope, it is imperative to contend and deal with any personal internal abrasion that hurts.

Chiron in all Houses

Chiron in the 1st House
Chiron in the 2nd House
Chiron in the 3rd House
Chiron in the 4th House
Chiron in the 5th House
Chiron in the 6th House
Chiron in the 7th House
Chiron in the 8th House
Chiron in the 9th House
Chiron in the 10th House
Chiron in the 11th House
Chiron in the 12th House

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