Planets in the Houses

Everyone likes to know the future. Many people consult an astrologer before taking important decisions regarding their business, marriage or travel. Astronomers decide whether a person is lucky, based on the placement of various planets in the twelve houses. Each planet influences a particular aspect of a person’s life.

A person is very handsome with clever eyes if the planet sun is present in his ninth house. They will love their family a lot and work hard to come up in life. If the moon is placed in the same house, it will make him a natural leader. They will bear a lot of grudge against their enemies and be oriented towards religion. They will be great politicians.

Similarly, Mercury and Jupiter influence in the first house will bring lot of fame, beauty and comforts to the person. Details regarding the friends, family, captivity, diseases and age of death can be determined by studying the second house of a person. Saturn and Mercury influence in this house is very beneficial.

The third house in a person’s horoscope is shows about his relationship with the family and friends. His perseverance and sibling details can be studied through this house. Influence of moon in this house will give the person a happy family life. The fourth house should have Jupiter and Saturn in dominant positions. A person’s entertainment, peace of mind, love life and his relationship with family will be strong, if these planets are present in the forth house.

A person’s fifth and sixth houses are used to determine his attractiveness and assertiveness. Influence of Venus in these houses will make them elegant, brave, cunning and seductive. Mars influence in the seventh house will help a person have a happy marriage. People with Mars influence in the seventh house will be high class diplomats, leading a comfortable life.

Eighth house of the planet influences a person’s chance to travel abroad, save money, conquer luck and establish spiritual life. Mars influence in this planet is good. Sun influence is also acceptable. If the planet Sun influences the ninth house, the person will be very spiritual. The tenth house of a planet is responsible for a person’s charisma, achieving power and becoming a leader. Venus and Saturn influence in this house will make the person a great leader.

The Eleventh and twelfth house are used to determine the earning capacity and spending capacity of a person respectively. The domination of Mercury and Sun in this house will make a person very wealthy. The effect of each planet in each house varies according to a person’s birth date. Our luck is determined, the moment we are born by our signs.

Chiron in the Houses

An inconsequential planetoid, Chiron encompasses the trajectories of both Saturn and Uranus. With an elliptical orbit which cuts across the flight path of Saturn and caresses that of Uranus, Chiron was exposed to the world in November 1977. Astronomical research justifies that the planet is not more than a couple of million years old, since an earlier presence would have piloted a collision with at least one of the


Mars in the Houses

Mars flanks the external-most trajectory orbit of the Earth and thus has more resemblance to the Earth than every erstwhile planet recognized, with scope of a primordial life exposed there in recent times. Distinctive from the other interior planets and heavenly bodies such as Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon, the presence of Mars in the houses of the natal chart corresponds to external, superficial deeds and events.

Often depicted by


Saturn in the Houses

Saturn is the second largest planet after Jupiter. It is known for its beautiful ring! People tend to think that Saturn has more negative effects than positive. Some even fear having a Saturn in their house. According to some people, it may be inauspicious. If in harmony with its fellow planets, it gives the natives a powerful supporter. But if Saturn is not positioned well, then it can create


Mercury in the Houses

Known as the Divine Messenger, Mercury in the houses governs one’s mentality – their ability to think and communicate. It determines how a person perceives the events and people around, and thus how he assesses his internal and external environment. This planet closest to the sun, is astrologically responsible for one’s analytical ability and mental reasoning in all the houses. At the same time, Mercury also regulates the ability


Uranus in the Houses

Uranus governs the extent of originality and freedom in one’s personality in all the houses. When well aspect, it is associated with ingenuity and unparalleled creativity. In general, those acclaimed for their radical ideas, contribution to revolutionary events or propounding theories completely different from conventional perceptions, are likely to have a very strong Uranus. Symbolic of an unorthodox mind and unique mental sensitivity, this planet rules the characteristics of


Moon in the Houses

Moon is an elite planet and also astrology’s queen. Moon epitomizes impregnation, emotions, milk, mind, kindness, food and hotel industry, the sea, love, old women, comforts of life and apparels. The moon is calm and cool, and takes almost 2 days to take a trip to a sign. With that speed, it is the fastest than any other planet. When the Moon is placed in the 12 houses, it


Venus in the Houses

Venus is the planet of love. Also known as the twin of Planet Earth, it has a similar size and density. Venus in a house also shows the arena of life where an individual gets pleasure from. It also indicates how and why does a person get attracted to a person both on friendly and romantic relationships. It also deals with attraction – the art of attracting people and


Sun in the Houses

The Sun is the principal source of life on our planet as well as the whole galaxy. In the study of astrology, the information accumulated by reading the signs of its presence in the various houses enables one to articulate the strength, the influence and the supreme significance of the Sun, which presides above all other celestial matter.

The Sun’s position primarily depicts those fractions of life where the fundamental


Neptune in the Houses

Neptune’s arrangement by house in the birth chart depicts that area of life primarily where a person tries to avoid reality. Spirituality occupies the life of people who are ruled by this planet. Instead of going after reality, people tend to chase their illusions as well as dreams in their life. For the people having Neptune in the houses, their attitude is more of giving and not taking. However,


Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter, also known as the ruler of the ancient Gods, governs luck, joy and well being. Those having a strong Jupiter in any of the houses are most likely to be inherently lucky, with their success being based on a series of favourable circumstances, fortunate events and typically ‘lucky’ decisions. Often the more accomplished speculators of diverse nature, like gamblers, financial investors and so on, tend to have a


Pluto in the Houses

Pluto – The god of Underworld is capable of both creation and destruction. Pluto is the outermost and most petite planet of all. It is the planet of regeneration, sex, death, power, transformation and politics. Even though, this planet is called the dwarf planet, it can leave a huge impact on an individual’s life. Positively or negatively – depends on the positive and negative rays it radiates in a


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