Is your pet Leo?

Is your pet a Leo? If so he or she probably has a shiny, glorious mane or coat of some kind and a beautiful disposition. Many Leo animals also have big eyes and long whiskers and set of big, sharp teeth. These animals are known for their athletic prowess and can often run the fastest, climb the highest and breed several generations of children.

They are usually strong, healthy and very friendly to people as long as their territory is not intruded upon.  They bark a lot, are enthusiastic and need a lot of exercise to stay in tip-top shape.  Leo animals do not usually make good pets in small, urban apartments and do better in the country.

Rodents like hamsters and bunnies tend to be large and fluffy.  As nice as Leos rodents, dogs and cats look they do tend to shed a lot so be sure to get a vacuum cleaner that can handle this.

Leo birds tend to have glorious plumage and be great singers.  Be sure to place the cage in a sunny spot as this sign is ruled by the Sun. The fish also tend to grow large and breed a lot.  The reptiles tend to be very beautiful as well with absolutely perfect skin patterns.  However keep in mind that all Leo animals have a bit of a killer streak. They like the thrill of the hunt and will kill for sport. This makes the cats good mousers meaning that you would not want to pair your Leo cat with a smaller rodent or lizard.

In general the Leo animal must be number one so it is very determined to be dominant in any household. This is just fine as long as the other animals in the equation also agree that the Leo animal should be the leader of the household. One issue to do with Leo animals is that they can try to be more dominant than you and wreak havoc. Many Leo animals are also very stubborn and  need obedience school. This is especially true of the dogs which can become aggressive if they feel they are being led by you.

Yet another thing to keep in mind is that all Leo pets need a lot of attention.  Both dogs and cats that feel they are not getting the love for you will tear your place apart. The dogs, in particular, will develop behavioral problems like excreting or piddling to get your attention. Some Leo animals will also harm themselves to get your attention.

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