Is your pet Gemini?

The Gemini pet is usually pretty, quick on it’s feet and quick to learn. The dogs and cats are very trainable. They are also very social and bond easily with the family and other people. However they can also be a bit disloyal and it is not unusual for the Gemini dog or cat owner to be dismayed by how quickly the Gemini animal can run away.

Gemini birds, reptiles, rodents and mammals are very fast creatures. If it gets loose, it can get away from you quickly. These animals also get very depressed if you trap them in a cage. They are an air sign that needs some freedom.  Even snakes and lizards born under this sign should be let out for some.

The Gemini bird is a beautiful and constant singer and parrots and other talking birds will learn to speak quickly. Gemini is also a sign of communication so it will seem to you that even reptiles and fish born under this sign seem unusually responsive to you.  As most Gemini animals are so smart they are very easy to train.

The Gemini animal is also happiest if there are at least two pets in the home. This is the sign of the Twins so they need another animal to relate to on a daily basis. They are easily integrated into a multi-pet household where there are different breeds.  The Gemini cat will get along well with a bird, for instance.

Another hallmark of this sign is that they love to climb. The cats will scale the highest tree. Even the dogs like to be up high somehow.

In general this is a pet sign that is easily bored so be sure to keep their cages and nests filled with interesting toys.  The Gemini pet tends to get moody and depressed if there is not enough for them to do so be sure to keep them occupied. The Gemini dog, in particular, will rip up couches and clothing in order to get attention or just simply to make life more exciting.

Gemini pets also tend to be on the thin and nervous side and many of them, especially the tinier dogs and rodents, do not really like to be handled. Make sure that your pet eats enough as sometimes the Gemini pet can become so fascinated by something that it forgets to take care of itself.

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