Is your pet Cancer?

The Cancer pet is a psychic one. It is empathic and very much in tune with your moods and emotions. Both dogs and cats born under this sign are always in tune with you and your schedule. They are affectionate, cuddly and often have beautiful manes. They are content with very little and want only to be with you. However they can also be moody and sensitive creatures that need a little distance every now and then.  They can be philosophic creatures, often seeming to ponder the nature of the universe. The cats, in particular, are very beautiful and soulful.

Bunnies, hamsters and other rodents born under this sign tend to have very large eyes and luxurious fur. They are often very gentle and sensitive creatures that require delicate handling.  These are not animals that you want to tease as they can get very depressed.

The Cancer bird or reptile is not likely to want to be handled much.  They are quite friendly  and quite happy to stay in a cage as long as they are in view of you. Cancer is a water sign and fish born under this time tend to grow very large and beautiful. 

Both Cancer fish and birds like shiny objects like mirrors and jeweler so it is a good idea to decorate tanks and cages with this type of thing. 

In general all Cancer pets tend to get a bit lonely and do best with another pet of the same breed around. They especially like to cuddle with you or another pet at night. The Cancer animal also likes to live in luxury. Make sure they have cozy and warm pet beds and a special spot they can retreat to at all times.

These pets are exceptionally well-behaved and train very easily. They live for your approval and will get depressed or sick if you do not give them plenty of attention. They also respond very well to baby-talk.

As this sign is ruled by the moon they also tend to be very active at night. They are also often very fertile animals.  The cats, in particular, are good mothers and many female Cancer cats are Queens that are capable of nursing stray kittens.

The Cancer pet is not good in the car and is best left at home with a trusted babysitter if you have to go on vacation. However, they do not take well to being boarded or left with veterinarians and can get very depressed.

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