Is Your Pet an Aquarius?

The Aquarius pet love people but they also have a habit of driving you crazy because they are so eccentric, free-spirited and difficult to train.  The dogs will show you they love you by jumping up on you and barking the entire time you are not home. The cats will show they love you by dropping a dead mouse on your pillow and trying to sleep on your face.  The Aquarian has a wild streak, hates to be caged or in the house, and you may have no choice but to let them outdoors.

They can also be quite difficult to house-train. The Aquarian animal is not always the cleanest and may be a sloppy eater or bad at making it outside or to the litter box in time.  They may also seem a little lax at grooming themselves sometimes.  Keep a towel at your door to wipe their paws because they very often find a mess outside to play in.

Both Aquarian dogs and cats enjoy being groomed or dressed up by their owners. They love to be part of the family and part of every special equation. They might also insist that they eat what you are eating and not eat their own healthy food so be sure not to feed the Aquarian dogs and cats table scraps.

The Aquarian bird is a beautiful singer and the bunnies and hamsters born under this sign are very cheerful active creatures.  Just make sure they have lots of toys that they can exercise with and that they are let out of the cages occasionally.  Aquarian reptiles also need a great deal of exercise and attention;  make sure that reptile and fish tanks are spacious and natural looking.

Most Aquarian pets seem a little psychic. You might feel like the pet can read your mind. They also connect well with other pets.

These pets are also very athletic and like to play. However they can play roughly and in their exuberance larger Aquarian animals have been known to accidentally hurt smaller animals.

All Aquarian pets are very adaptable and love change. You can move them from place to place easily. They love travel and get along with most people and other pets. However they can be very noisy and rambunctious. It is hard to keep some Aquarian animals in a small apartment because they will be very noisy and destructive.  In fact, Aquarian birds and dogs are notorious for “singing” very loudly for no reason and disturbing the neighbourhood.

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