Is Your Pet a Virgo?

The Virgo pet is usually very quiet, well-behaved and can be somewhat difficult to connect with. As they prefer to live in their own little world, they are sometimes not that easy to train. The Virgo dog or cat is usually quite happy to be on it’s own and for that reason they make good pets for apartments and condos. Another famous trait of Virgo pets is that they tend to be very clean.  The dogs will wait to go outside and never foul your furnishings or carpet. The cats are also very tidy, meticulous creatures. They tend to also eat neatly and never spill food or water on the floor. This also makes them more ideal for the city dweller who lives in a small space.

The Virgo cat is usually a good hunter and not that sociable. They like to spend a lot of time alone. They are self-protective and domestic and tend to spend a lot of time at home. Virgo dogs also tend to stick to home. These are not pets with a great deal of wanderlust.

All Virgo pets including the rodents and birds are very meticulous about grooming themselves and keeping themselves clean. Virgo is a vain sign so it is a good idea to keep a tiny mirror in a rodent or bird’s cage. It will keep the pet occupied for hours.

The Virgo bird is usually a quieter one but very clean and well behaved.  It is more encouraged to sing in a bright, sunny and clean room without any bad smells, including cooking smells. Virgo reptiles and fish tend to be more reclusive and hide behind plants and rocks.

In general the Virgo animal will not eat out of dirty dish and the smaller animals will not drink out of dirty water tubes or swim in dirty pools or tanks. Make sure the cage of the Virgo bird is absolutely kept clean.

All Virgo animals prefer that every day unfolds like the last one. They love order and routine. They display anxious behavior when things get chaotic. They do not get along that well with children and they really dislike loud music, loud people, traffic sounds and construction sounds. The Virgo animal is very sensitive and may actually become submissive or nervous when they hear humans fighting. In general they like to relate to one person and are not good with relating to groups of people.

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