Is Your Pet a Scorpio?

Scorpio pets are strong, athletic and territorial creatures who tend to get their way. You cannot let these pets get bored or they will get revenge by trashing your place or wrecking something that you really treasure. Scorpio dogs are adventurers that make great hunting companions. However they will also hunt on their own for sport.  Scorpio cats are killers.  Both the dogs and cats are stealthy predators that nobody hears coming.

Scorpio dogs and cats can be loyal to a fault and be very jealous and possessive of anyone who pays attention to you. The dogs may need a muzzle so they do not bite people.  Birds may start squawking and making noise if they get jealous.  Almost all Scorpio pets will get jealous of your boyfriend or girlfriend as they think they should be number one.

Scorpio rodents tend to be very attractive with sleek fur. They most likely will not enjoy being picked up. Scorpio birds are beautiful singers with beautiful, showy plumage but they do not tend to like to be handled. Scorpio parrots are intelligent and will refuse to talk. Do not put a much smaller bird in a cage with a large Scorpio bird or it could become food. 

Scorpio reptiles tend to be large, beautiful and strong. However, be sure their cages and tanks are secure as they tend to be clever escape artists.  Scorpio fish tend to be shiny with large, showy plumage. They are also secretive seeming; hiding in shadows of the tank or behind plumage. 

Scorpio snakes are also large and beautiful and the very personification of a killer. Be sure to keep an eye on a Scorpio snake as it is likely to be very sneaky.

In general Scorpio animals are very jealous and they do not do well in families with multiple pets. The dog, in particular, will display territorial and alpha behaviors such as guarding their bowls and not letting anyone near or biting anyone who gets too close to you.  Neither the dog or cat gets along well with children. It is very difficult to have a baby in a house with Scorpio pets and they will covet the attention the kids get. 

Scorpio pets also like sex.  Make sure you breed them so that they feel happy.  They also make good breeding animals.  If you do not want a lot of animals in the house be sure to get your Scorpio animal fixed before you adopt them as a pet. The Scorpio cats and rodents are very fertile, in particular.

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