Is Your Pet a Sagittarius?

The Sagittarius pet is a happy-go-lucky type who likes to go with the flow. The dogs are fantastic hunting companions and travel well. The cats are very flexible and if your job requires that you move from place to place the Sagittarius pet will not mind it so much. The biggest drawback of owning Sagittarian dogs and cats is that they have a real need to wander and explore greener pastures. They are masters of digging under the fence, hopping over the fence and jumping out the window. As they tend to be such excitable and impulsive creatures, they also can wander for hours and not remember how to get back home.  If you do get a pet born under the sign of The Archer you really do need to make sure they have a microchip and I.D. tags. If you tie them up in the backyard or while you are in a store then make sure that your knots are tight.

It can be difficult to crate train or cage the dogs because this is an animal sign that is fun-loving and wants to be free. You need to play with the dogs and cats every day and also make sure that the dogs get lots of exercise.

Bunnies, hamsters and other rodents born under this sign tend to move fast and be expert at playing hide and seek. The same goes for the snakes and reptiles so make sure their cages are secure.  However you should still take these animals out of their cages every now and then because they do get depressed if they feel trapped.

The Sagittarian bird likes to fly high. They do get depressed in a cage. Tether them to a perch instead if you must. However, the sign of Sagittarius signifies flight so you may be forced to let a bird born under this sign fly around your house in order for it to stay healthy and happy.

The Sagittarius pet can be overly friendly, especially to strangers, so they are also especially vulnerable to being stolen.

Sagittarius birds and dogs need to be heard.  The dogs like to howl and the birds like to shriek and sing. They are not necessarily the pet to have if you live in a small apartment in a high-rise where some quiet is required.

The Sagittarius pet also has a naturally buoyant personality and good temperament. However it becomes very sullen and blue if the humans around it cannot seem to get along. They need positivity and joy in order to thrive.

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