Is Your Pet a Pisces?

The Pisces pet seems almost human because it is so empathic and in tune with you. They seem very psychic and watchful.  All Pisces pets like to sleep and if left to their own devices they would snooze for three days straight. They can be lazy animals and because they like to eat too they can easily become quite fat. It is crucial to make sure that all of these pets get enough exercise. You should also be very careful not to overfeed Pisces fish and reptiles who are naturally very greedy.

One trait of both Pisces dogs and cats is that they tend to take on all of the characteristics and mannerisms of their owners quite quickly.  They are very much in tune with their owners.   They are wonderful for children and the elderly because they are so laid back.

Whether or not a Pisces pet gets along with another pet depends on how high-strung the other house-mate is. Pisces does not like other animals that stress them out with too many demands or barking. Pisces pets also hate to be teased and can become self-destructive if they feel frustrated.  The Pisces dog, for instance, will chew their own leg or tail to express distress.

Pisces animals like routine but they do not need a super-clean environment to stay happy. They do however prefer the security of home to travel or moving around a lot. They all make great indoor pets.  The birds and rodents are easily taken out of their cage and socialized with other pets and family members.

Most Pisces animals love the water and are great swimmers.  Pisces reptiles and fish are especially beautiful.  Make sure the mammals and birds they have lots of clean water to wash themselves in and drink and that they have little mirrors around to admire themselves.

As they like life to be laid back most Pisces animals do not like loud music or very young children.  They need things to be casual and consistent.

Despite their laziness the Pisces dog or cat can be very protective.  The dogs will see you as a soul-mate and do everything possible to guard you and comfort you.  Both the dogs and cats enjoy being talked to at length; you may feel as if they actually understand what you are saying!

A Pisces pet has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to unconditional love. If you want a pet that is loyal, gentle and submissive then ones born under this sign are the answer.

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