Is Your Pet a Libra?

All Libra pets are attractive, affectionate and very loyal. Even the cats will stick by yourself. They thrive in peaceful, beautiful surroundings and take great pride in their appearance. Even the birds and rodents will groom themselves constantly. They are also quite clean pets and do not tend to have any accidents or go outside the letterbox unless they are upset by discipline or fighting amongst the humans in the house. This is because any being born under the sing of Libra abhors conflict and discipline.

The Libra pet absolutely needs lots of petting and it loves to be groomed by it’s owner.  Both dog and cats want to wear a collar. The Libra cat has an extra lovely and rich sounding purr. They tend to have lovely, soft fur and big eyes.  Even the reptiles will seem cuter than usual.

Libra pets can also be quite interactive with humans, seeming almost to flirt with them.  They are all about fun and are just as happy going outside to play in the sun as they are cuddling with you indoors watching television.

They love to play so make sure that the dog has lots of toys, the cat has lots of Frisbees and that the hamster has a treadmill. Libra birds should have a little swing and bell to play with and Libra fish should have lots of nooks and crannies to dart in and out of.  Libra lizards and snakes are also friendlier than usual and you are able to take them out of their cages.

Most Libra pets get along very well in a multi-pet household and they also get along very well with children. The only time this isn’t true is if the Libra pet feels that it must be competing for attention with your kids.  In this case the Libra pet might become irritable, territorial and jealous.

It is also not a good idea to leave the Libra pet alone for too long. They get very depressed if their owner for too long.  You can let the dogs off-leash in the park and the cats out at night as they are very loyal and will always come back.

These pets confuse easily so it is a good idea to put the dogs in obedience training. It is never a good idea to tease any kind of Libra pet because they do become disoriented easily and they will attack.

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