Is Your Pet a Capricorn?

The Capricorn pet is very loyal, usual obedient and has a serious demeanor. The dogs make good watch-dogs and babysitters. They do well in settings where there are a lot of other pets. They keep the peace and make sure that everyone stays in line.  The Capricorn dog will be very watchful of you and many of them can be overprotective. Be sure that the Capricorn dog is trained well and you will have an almost perfect pet.

The Capricorn animals are often very elegant and groom themselves. They often have cute walks and look very attractive. They are not overly concerned with chasing the opposite sex.  They also seem to understand humans and have very soulful eyes that seem to know what is on your mind.

The Capricorn cat loves to be petted; he or she will be very clean and vain.  They are good at catching mice and very fertile. However they need more time alone than other cats. The Capricorn feline is also a big climber; do not be surprised if he or she ends up on your roof or high in a tree.

The Capricorn dog and cat will thrive on positive reinforcement.  However the smaller animals like bunnies and hamsters are less obedient.  The birds also tend to be a bit aloof and difficult to train. Many can be quite dominant and try to train you to let them sleep in your bed.

All Capricorn animals desire a clean cage. They are very meticulous animals who do not tolerate dirty litter well.  Be sure to keep the pools and water bottles in reptile and rodent cages very clean or the Capricorn pet can get depressed.

All Capricorn pets  love food. They are very persuasive and they will beg at the table for scraps. They also think nothing of jumping up on you or wanting to possess your bed. This is especially true of the Capricorn dog who may want to be petted.  If you want to train a Capricorn pet or make a Capricorn animal, reptile or bird more affectionate then it is okay to use food as a bribe.  They also have strong stomachs. They are born under the sign of the Goat which means they will eat anything.

A Capricorn pet does not tear the place apart if it is left alone. It is very well-behaved and will stay quiet and guard the place until you get back home.

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