Is my pet Taurus?

If your pet is a Taurus you have a chosen a loyal companion that is easily domesticated. Both cats and dogs born under this sign tend to stick to home. They are also easy to train and love to socialize with people.

In general pets born under this sign enjoy being stroked and caressed. Their favorite thing to do is cuddle up and watch television with you.  Both the cats and dogs can be pests at the table if you do not train them not to jump up and demand treats.  They are very preoccupied with food and can get aggressive with people and other pets that come too close to their food bowls.  As it does like to laze around and sleep a lot the Taurus pet is also prone to gaining weight so make sure that you limit it’s diet to healthy foods.

This Taurus pet loves to eat which also means you need to take them outdoors more often. Make sure that you keep the Taurus cat’s litter box clean as they will go outside a dirty one.  They can also be quite fussy where they sleep.  Both cats and dogs will want to sleep with the owners but can be trained to sleep on their own pillow if it is soft and nice. This is a sign that loves comfort.

Bunnies, hamsters and other rodents born under this sign tend to be very friendly. Many can be just let out of their cages to hop around the house.  Reptiles born under this sign like to sun themselves so make sure that their tank has a sunning spot.

Taurus birds are also trained quickly and make good companions. They are not likely to fly away from home and like Taurus mammals enjoy eating. Taurus fish are quite placid. Make sure that both Taurus fish and reptiles have tanks that have lots of plants.

This pet sign also gets along very well with children. They tend to be less irritable than other signs. However, sometimes the Taurus pet can be very stubborn and possessive.  For instance, the Taurus dog can be very protective of you or your personal property to the point that they can be aggressive with other animals and people.

Some Taurus pets, particularly the dogs can be so stubborn that they are difficult to train. They are notorious robbers who think nothing of stealing food off of the table so obedience school is sometimes recommended.

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