Is my pet Aries?

If your pet is born an Aries then you can expect to have a pet that is more impulsive than usual. If you have a dog it might have quite a few misbehavior such as jumping the fence or chasing cars. The Aries cat also tends to be quite reckless and will scramble way up a tree to catch a bird without thinking at all about how to get down. However the bottom line is that that the Aries animal is actually a very good hunter. If the dogs are well trained they make wonderful companions for the outdoors-man.

Bunnies, hamsters and rabbits born under this sign tend to breed often and be very active.  The smaller rodents need plenty of toys to play as they will tend to be quite active; be sure there is a treadmill. They are also social animals and do better if there are a couple of creature to a cage.

Reptiles born under this sign also tend to be very active. They like to climb so be sure they have lots of space in their tank. The Aries lizard or frog also needs lots of warmth to be healthy so be sure shine a spotlight on them whenever you can.

The Aries bird is a good singer. Make sure there is lots of warmth and sun in line with the cage and that you let this bird out so to fly around every now and then. Aries fish tend to lively entertainers who zip around in their tanks. Make sure they have a lot of room in the tank to suit their active constitutions.

In general the Aries pet tends to be more active because they don’t tend to look before they leap.  They also get so excited about the thrill of the chase that they do not tend to recognize danger. 

Aries pets can also be irritable and difficult to control. Although they like to socialize they like to be the leader, after all, they are born under the number one sign in the horoscope.  Aries dogs and cats and even the fish love to fight.

This is also a noisy pet sign.  The birds love to squawk and sing and if they are parrots they learn how to talk fast. The dogs may have to be trained not to bark at passerbys.

In general this is a happy pet, but it has a lot of nervous energy that needs to be worked off or it could become irritable or sick. Walk the dogs frequently to exhaust them and make sure the cats get outdoors occasionally as well to satisfy a bit of wanderlust.

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