The future is in your hands! That is what wise men of our generation strongly believe! Our palms are the guide to our future. They are also the tools that predict what happens and how everything happens. Palmistry is the art of reading your palm. It is also the science of reading the finely etched lines in your hand. Palmistry has many things similar to human psychology. With this wonderful art, you can easily study the lines in your hand to know more about your sub conscious mind and brain. Your hands mimic your in-built personality.

Most of us just love to know about our future. We also believe that our palms contain secrets of our future. We are too eager to know more about our future. Palmistry is perhaps the best-known method to know and understand what happens in our future. The art of palmistry is interesting and it deals with our hands, their shape and consistency, and hardness or softness of palm surface, fingers and their tips, nails and their pattern and the beautiful lines that crisscross the entire length and breadth of the palm. In fact, your palm is the map that can predict your future.

Palmistry studies the lines and their formation on your palm. These lines can reflect your mind and its millions of thoughts. Experts still believe that the lines on our hands are the waves of the inner most mind. Whatever the level or consistency of your thinking, they are all in your hands. In fact, leading astrologists believe that a positive mind will exert it pressure to make the line son your hand appear very deep and prominent while a negative mindset results in shallow ad feeble looking lines. Our brain exerts a direct influence on the line formation on your palms and more than 25% portion of your hand gets its share of influence from the thought process of your brain. Palmistry is an ancient method of interpreting your future. It also has a number of sub systems of interpretation. In fact, palmistry is a remarkable subject because it represents three main issues:

  • Studying the lines that run across the palm
  • The mounts of the palm where you can see ridges and fleshy mounds
  • The overall structure of the fingers

The origin of palmistry also makes an interesting study, as it is one of the oldest known systems in the world. It has its origin in the ancient parts of India and took its birth almost two thousand years ago. The primary art of palmistry came to the Western Europe during the early part of the last century. The art and science of palmistry saw further improvements in China, Japan and Europe through the last parts of the previous century.

As mentioned before, palmistry is all about different sections of your palm. There are three distinctive portions in your hand:

  • Fingers representing your mind and the high spirit of life,
  • The middle parts of the palm signifying conscious mind and its day-to-day activities,
  • The lower part of your palm denotes the basic instinct, your health status and driving force that leads your life.

Palmistry is also dealing with very fine and subtle proportions, similarities, symmetry and distortions, lines and furrows that exist on your palm. Usually, the right hand signifies today and it tells about your today’s status.

It is possible to tell about a person just by looking at your thumbs and fingers. Your thumb has three main parts called phalanges, while its upper tip signifies your will power. Here are some basic characters of your thumb:

  • Clun shaped thumb: Denotes negativity and pessimism
  • Pointed or protruded tips: Denotes, creativity, art, emotion and intelligence
  • Longer phalange: efficiency, wily, intelligent, strategic and sagacity
  • Normal thumb: Health and wealth

Tip: The fleshy and cushion like basal part of thumb is the Mount of Venus. This area represents everything about human emotions like empathy, sympathy, emotions, grace, poise, positivity, compassion, joy and sorrow. If you have a flattened Mount of Venus, you are more sensitive and compassionate towards others. If you have pronounced mound, then you are more likely to be a loving and sensual person. The Mount of Venus originates from the God love, Venus; this area of your hand controls emotional and loving side of your life. Marriage and love life get their control from this mound.

Of all fingers, the index finger is quite important as it correlates the almighty planet, Jupiter. This finger represents good fortune wealth, health and prosperity. On the other hand, your middle finger denotes the influence of the planet, Saturn. Saturn is a retrogressive planet and it represents severe limitations and restrictions. Apollo controls the ring finger. This finger relates to materialistic tendencies, intelligence, humor and self-expression. The small finger is also very powerful as the planet Mercury controls it with its eternal power. Mercury controls the manner in which you interact with other people and how you communicate with strangers.

The length and curvature of all fingers are also very important in palmistry. If you have longer and straighter fingers, you are cool-headed and capable of earning plenty of income. Each finger has its own mound situated below. These small mounds are very critical in analyzing your palms because these mounds develop slowly over time and when you are adult, you can feel their power and influence. Each finger has its own mound underneath while the influence exerted by these mounds is different and varied.

The Mount of Jupiter: It exists below the index finger. The influenced characters are ambition, religion, theology, honor, self-respect and love for others.

The Mount of Saturn: It exists below your middle finger. It represents positive characters like sanity, sobriety, intelligence, wit, wisdom, karma and religion. It also represents good and bad luck.

The Mount of Apollo: This Mount exists just below the ring finger; it denotes self-confidence, creativity, impulsiveness and impatience.

The Mount of Mercury: Mercury is a very powerful plane that signifies power, endurance, virility, strength, agility, communication, correspondence and scholastic abilities. In some people, a series of small lines run through this place. These are the Lines of Affection and they signify emotional status of your mind.

The Mount of Mercury is very eventful as there are two other mounts underneath this mount. Just about half way down is the Mount of Upper Mars that reflects your temperamental behavior. On the other hand, just near the base of the hand is the Mount of Moon or Luna; this mount deals with your heart and soul. The Mount of Luna can influence your mind and it forebodes good qualities like generosity, warmth, imagination and affection. However, a pronounced Mount of Luna may exert undue stress on the emotional status of the person.

Just below the Mount of Jupiter is the area of Lower Mars that signifies aggression, hostility and treachery. However, a flattened mount can be good for your future as it denotes positive characters like intuition and logic. On the other hand, the center of your palm is a large area with sundry influence on your mind and body. This area is the Plane of Mars. A shallow dip in the plane means you are very cool, calm and relaxed in your disposition. However, a raised plane means that you could be very aggressive and angry at something that happens beyond your control.

Your palm also contains a number of lines that relate to several aspects of life and its effects. Some of these lines are as follows:

The Line of Heart: This line runs across the upper portion of your palm just in between the mounts of Jupiter and Mercury. This line is an important one because several tiny formations like loops, bubbles and breaks occur on it. It is possible to predict your future in relation to relationship and love life.

The Line of Head: This line is normal and it can occur across your palm in a downward direction. It also an important line because it can tell a lot about intellect, intelligent, smartness and mental agility. A good headline is very prominent, deep and pronounced and it is very long from one end to the other.

The Line of Life: This line travels round your thumb after taking its birth under the Mount of Jupiter. It is also short line and runs in a circular fashion around the Mount of Lower Mars and Venus. This line ends at the lower portion of the hand with a feeble ending. If a person has a long line, he or she will love for longer duration.

The Line of Fate: This important line traverses in a vertical fashion from the middle part of the palm and runs up towards the base of the middle finger. This line denotes the degree of material and financial well-being. A broken line means low-keyed success while a prominent line means unlimited success with episodes of financial gains.

The Lien of Apollo: A deep vertical line occurs on the upper portion of the Mount of Moon. Experts also call this line as the Line of Sun. All great men of art belong to this line; wealth, health and fame come naturally to people who have a pronounced Line of Apollo.

The Line of Mercury: Also known as, the Line of Liver, this line occurs on either the Mount of Mercury or the Plain of Mars.

Apart from these major lines, you can also find a number of minor lines that occurs in some people. One such line is the Girdle of Venus and it is an indicator of romance, love and affection in one’s life.

Palmistry is also about reading the shape of the hand. Shape and pattern of your hand indicates basic instincts of a person. Here are some more details about the shape of your hand:

Long Palm: Long palm indicates excellent thinking capacity. People with this line can analyze and evaluate tricky and complex situations with ease. On the other hand, people with short palm are extremely fickle minded and short sighted. These people are very impulsive as well.

A palm with an extremely flexible skin denotes flexibility in action and thinking. People with such a palm are good at creating new ideas and suggestions. These people also have a great intuition to recognize important things of life. Such people are great leaders and organizers.

Three main issues of palmistry: Palmistry also contains three main types of practices. Experts segregate these techniques based on the shape, size, and patterns of hand, fingers and palms.

Chiromancy: This subject studies the lines that occur on your palms. This was the most basic form of palmistry for more than five hundred years. Chiromancy assumes that there are three sets of lines – the major lines, the minor lines and the personal lines. Most of these lines exist and remain throughout the life. However, most of these lines may change their shape, length and length.

Chirognomy: This subject deals with the study of the size, shape and the look of your hand. It also includes the color, texture and suppleness of your hand. You will need to study the basic shape and patterns of your hand before proceeding further. Every civilization has its own definitions of hands like:

Popular method:

  • Elementary,
  • Square,
  • Spatulate,
  • Philosophic,
  • Conic,
  • Psychic and
  • Mixed

However, in the Chinese system there are five different had types like:

  • Water,
  • Fire,
  • Wood,
  • Earth and
  • Metal.

Dermatoglyphics: This special subject studies skin ridges on your hand. Your fingers have special and highly pronounced formation called fingerprints. Each one of them has more than 50 different lines. All these fingerprints can be classified into four major types like:

  • The whorl,
  • The loop,
  • The arch and the
  • Tented arch

It is possible to study the character of a person by studying the fingerprints by analyzing different arches and protrusions. No two fingerprints are created equal and every print has its own set of special characters. Palmistry is a great tool of divination that never lies to anyone. It is the blueprint for your life.