Mark Blair

Mark began his working life many years ago in the medical profession working with heart surgeons and orthopedic specialists.  Then he became interested in the new and growing computer industry, which kept him occupied for the next 30 years.   Later in life, he had a calling and started walking a shamanic path. This path took him many places including Tarot, chakra medicine, energy medicine, emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  These disciplines Mark integrates into his work with the ancient wisdom of Hawaiian shamanism, or Huna. 

He believes that at the root of all healing is unconditional love.  And at the core of all pain and suffering is an attachment to things which have no meaning. 

Mark spent much of his life in the Midwestern United States.  In the late 1990’s he felt called to move to Seattle, Washington where he currently lives.  He has developed a connection with the energy there and most of his growth and enlightenment has been within that energy. 

He also experienced a connection-on-first-sight with his True Love, Dena while in Seattle.  Together they facilitate groups that help people move through their own blocks to happiness and abundance and continue to study and experience unconditional love! 

Currently Mark does shamanic counseling, freelance writing and is holding space to create advanced groups focused on intention and manifestation for the community. 

Mark will be responsible for Love and Relationships readings. 

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