Our Team

Mark Blair

Mark began his working life many years ago in the medical profession working with heart surgeons and orthopedic specialists.  Then he became interested in the new and growing computer industry, which kept him occupied for the next 30 years.   Later in life, he had a calling and started walking a shamanic path. This path took him many places including Tarot, chakra medicine,


Lynda Forman

Since 2005, Lynda Forman has been a professional freelance writer,ghostwriter, and editor, among other things. During the course of herfreelance career, she has had the opportunity to write and toghostwrite for a diverse assortment of companies and individuals, both in local and international markets. Her website can be found atwww.lyndaforman.com. A project in 2008 led Lynda to Berlin, Germany, where she intervieweda client for