The Numerology of 2012

2012 will prove to be a fascinating year. The Universal Year number is achieved by adding up 2+0+1+2 which equals 5.  Five is a number that indicates independence, disloyalty, ruthlessness, addiction, exploration, recklessness and long journeys. It is not the most responsible number in the world which can lead to some chaos but on the other hand, the number 5 is a very fun number.  People will be partying as it is indeed the end of the world.

Perhaps the best way to look at 2012 is to examine the numerology of the Universal Months of 2012 so that we can get an idea of how these influences will flow throughout the year.

January is symbolized by number 1. To arrive at the Universal Month we add 1 to the Universal Year number which is 5. This equals 6 and makes January a 6 month.

A 6 month is usually very peaceful and domestic-oriented.  People will spend most of January focusing on their families and close friends. Although the dominant energy of five will be there, many will be trying to build solid foundations that create more security in their lives.

February, which is a 7 month, is a different story. This energy causes people to isolate, become depressed and even be a bit paranoid. In February you can expect to hear a lot of news about conspiracy theories. The fear that the end of the world might be more of a real concern; in some parts of the world people may start hoarding or engaging in anti-social or violent behaviors.

The 8 energy that rules March could feel a bit cruel. This is a number that rules matters such as death and money. The stock market could go wild. On a personal level some individuals could be blowing money because they feel there is no point to keeping it in the bank. On the other hand, those who have not had money in a while could be surprised by a windfall that comes their way.

April is ruled by the number 9 which is a very spiritual number, but at the same time it symbolizes the ending of a cycle. Sometimes this indicates a mass change of consciousness. It could also point to the beginning of a real revolution.

The real start of the New Age is probably going to be in May when the influence of the 1 energy makes the world seem a lot different than it was in May 2011. Many people will also be making more progress in their lives in general and also feel released from former fears and financial burdens.

June promises to be a joyous month. The 2 month energy combined with the Universal 5 energy promises that June will rock the entire planet with celebrations and loving vibrations. We will also hear all kinds of wild reports about celebrities breaking the rules or going wild in the news.

July continues in the vein where people feel that they must party until they drop. There will be more available funds thanks to the generosity of the 3 energy that dominates this month. In July we will be captivated by the new talents the emerge onto the world stage.  This promises to be a very entertaining time in history.

August will be quieter as it is influenced by the number 4.  Something that sobers us all up may happen, like an environmental disaster or news of a war.

In September, the 5 energy will make it seem like the world has gone mad. The 5 month energy combined with the 5 Universal energy creates a violent, irresponsible and somewhat surreal environment. Strange events are guaranteed to shake up all of us.

In October, the 6 energy returns and people will be more focused on their homes and family. The months of November and December will be a 2 and 3 energy respectively which means that 2012 is likely to go out with a bang, but more likely from fireworks rather than the fiery world apocalypse we were expecting.

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