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In Name Numerology, each number is given specific significance in relationship with a person’s unique traits, personality strengths, and potential flaws that they should watch out for. After a person has had their name converted to a particular Destiny Number or Soul Urge number, they will be able to know which number profile best applies to them.

The following are the number profiles for Destiny/Soul Urge Numbers as associated with the Pythagorean system of Name Numerology:

Name numerology number 1—Destiny Number (DN) 1 is expressive of a type-A personality, one that is a leader among their fellow people and driven to succeed. As a problem-solver, those with a DN of 1 are destined to be account executives, business owners, and persons of sound financial savvy. On the negative side, DN1’s can tend to be quite narcissistic and overly focused on them versus seeing the big picture. DN1’s likewise tend to take charge even when the situation does not call for their input, lending to them often being seen as too dominant or aggressive in many situations. The Soul Urge (SU) of 1 is an unrealized desire for leadership, responsibility, and being independent of most of the aspects of work (no supervision, no co-workers, no rules, etc.). The SU1 individual should be an ambitious person, always ready to prove themselves and hoping that success leads to bigger opportunities. The negative aspect of SU1 will be abrasively dominant, talking over others and withdrawing from situations that are seemingly trifling to them (but potentially important to everyone else). The potential for isolation is strong in SU1 individuals, so care should be taken to maintain cordial relationships as much as possible.

Name numerology number 2—the DN2 individual is most concerned with being a force for peace and mediation. Great at working with their fellow man, DN2’s will rely on others to get tasks accomplished, and maintain a deep, humbling sense of modesty in just about every action they take. DN2’s won’t mind if another takes credit for their actions, and their diplomacy knows no bounds. Likewise, with SU2, the priority goes on fostering great relationships, friendships, and finding a soul mate. While the concept of leadership is never one of their main goals in life, they aren’t afraid to work hard to help others achieve their ambitions. The negative side of DN2 comes with being over-sensitive, and too fragile in terms of emotional vulnerability. Many DN2’s are shy and very uncertain with new people or tasks; there is also a danger of becoming excessively nonchalant as a coping mechanism for their hypersensitivity. For SU2’s, their subdued nature (which is suited to diplomacy) turns against them when times of calm dominance and self-assertion are called for. SU2’s often have delicate egos, and may be a prime candidate for mental health concerns or depression in extreme cases.

Name numerology number 3—for the DN3 people, the arts and performance in general calls out to them. Whenever DN3’s get the chance to operate on a grand scale, be it as a writer, actor, public speaker, politician, lawyer, teacher, entertainer, composer, musician, or spiritual minister, DN3’s are the master of marketing themselves and charming people with their personality and wit. The imaginative properties that exist in DN3’s emphasize their need to enjoy life, and live it to the fullest in the company of other social creatures. SU3’s will likewise devote their energies to surrounding themselves with a large circle of friends, and staying the center of attention. The balance between mental and emotional energy is good with SU3’s, and their creativity (especially in terms of writing, speaking, singing, or acting) is second to none, helping them out in various social applications. The negative side of DN3 and SU3 individuals comes through the common accusation of them being ‘fake’, or overly superficial. At times most feel that DN3/SU3 individuals are too lackadaisical, and focus more on unimportant matters rather than the issues that require their immediate attention. At times, the excessive SU3’s will be accused of being too talkative, too concerned with gossip, and unappreciative of those who are able to point out their flaws.

Name numerology number 4—DN4’s are generally neat-freaks (in a positive way). They feel most at ease when in command of great organization in regards to all aspects of their lives. Tending to excel in management roles, the DN4 excels at creating a great foundation for responsible partnerships and building relationships based on trust, and can be depended on by others to accomplish tasks. For SU4 individuals, striving to maintain (or achieve) a very stable, practical life is a key goal. Most SU4’s ‘color within the lines’ and tend to avoid being rabble-rousers if they can. Their most common function is to support their peers through diligent, regulated aid whenever a friend becomes erratic or acting outside the norm. With superior organization, SU4’s are some of the most responsible people anyone can meet, and tend to pride themselves on honesty, integrity, and sincerity. On the negative side, DN4/SU4 individuals find themselves unable to break out of their rigidly set standards. They can be somewhat introverted and withdrawn from normal society, preferring to stick to their known routine rather than deal with the uncertainty found in the range of human emotions. Stubbornness is another common complaint against DN4/SU4’s, and they rarely take risks on being spontaneous or doing anything outside their comfort zone.

Name numerology number 5—for the DN5 individual, it’s best to describe them as a “free spirit”. Seeking out new experiences and making person, at times spontaneous changes in their worldviews without clinging to the familiar and worrying about consequences beforehand best fulfills DN5’s. The DN5 is typically best equipped to handle unusual challenges, unexpected events, and any kind of adventure that many others might think twice before tackling. The SU5 person has a strong interest in traveling to new locations, trying exotic foods and meeting all sorts of people on a daily basis. An extremely versatile, highly adaptable individual, SU5’s can roll with the punches and employ a naturally inclined resourcefulness based on their strong sense of imagination. These are the people that tend to be trendsetters in the world of business, and the first person to take a leap of faith in social situations. In the negative side, DN5/SU5’s will tend to find extreme boredom in everyday life, constantly on the look out for something they’re seemingly ‘missing out’ on. A big potential flaw for DN5’s are their high degree of impatience, at times rushing into a bad situation without a plan, or weighing any of the potentially negative consequences beforehand. At times SU5’s can be guilty of never following through with promises or obligations, as they tend to jump from one fancy to the next without warning. This translates into their social relationships as well, as SU5’s can be very fickle when it comes to romance, never settling down for just one person when there’s always the ‘next opportunity’ on another night.

Name numerology number 6—the DN6 is characterized by their deep capacity for love, affection, and compassion. A responsible individual, the DN6 is a person who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty to help another person out of the mud. They feel a strong sense of responsibility and compassion to help out the elderly, the young, and anyone else that might be experiencing difficulty in any given situation. DN6’s tend to work as doctors, nurses, or any other position that provides some type of aid to underprivileged or needy people. As with the DN6’s, the SU6’s are usually very focused being the ‘rock’ for those around them. Taking care of family, friends, or anyone else nearby that could be in need is an important priority to many SU6’s. Relying on their innate sense of diplomacy, compassionate socialization skills, and environmental harmony aids the SU6 individual with their efforts to keep everyone in their life protected. Many SU6’s wind up being teachers, police officers, and psychologists/psychiatrists. On the flipside, the DN6 individual may come across as nagging, overbearing, and too emotional. Many DN6’s turn their responsibility to others into a liability to themselves, giving up too much of their own resources and individuality for the sake of others. SU6’s have trouble expressing their own wishes and desires, preferring to instead help others realize their own (and probably living vicariously in the process).

Name numerology number 7—DN7’s pride themselves on a strong analytical mind, and will generally be the type of person who thinks long and hard before speaking. A keen observer with a good mind for the details, DN7’s is an expert in delineating information and applying their intelligence to a variety of professions. Many DN7’s end up being scientists, criminal investigators, specialized technicians, surgeons, and any other field where perfection is always strived. Likewise, a SU7 individual is a great force of intellectual discourse for their friends, always preferring the company of a book over a person, and when socializing will often take the time to expound upon their thoughts for the purposes of analysis. On the negative side, DN7’s will tend to shy away from society as much as possible, requiring a set amount of seclusiveness for their own personal comfort levels. It’s hard for the DN7 individual to show many emotions out in public, or to know how to react to social situations outside of their understanding. Adaptability is very low on their skills set, and most may find the DN7 person to be quite intolerant of anything they don’t find familiar. SU7’s will tend to repress their emotions rather than allow them to flourish, which could lead to mental health issues if left unchecked for a long period of time.

Name numerology number 8—the major attribute for DN8’s are their ambitious nature for high success in the business world. They have a mind for administrative tasks, and thrive in a commercial setting, giving them an edge in any financial situation that requires good judgment and intuition for a great outcome. DN8’s often possess a good ability to judge a person’s character, and can use this to their advantage in business or private life. With a game plan in place, DN8’s excel at giving a full-effort into any task that can get them closer to their goals of success. SU8’s will possess a strong desire for achieving roles as a supervisor, leader, and top executive (and any material riches that come along with the status). On the negative side, a SU8 individual is very stubborn and dominating, and will often not relent on any plan they have already enacted to achieve success. DN8’s can be very materialistic, and is in danger of acting on greed and envy of those who enjoy the finer things in life. DN8/SU8’s are typically always struggling to avoid placing money and superficial things above their higher priority concerns in life (friends, family, and self-respect).

Name numerology number 9—DN9’s are virtually tailor-made for artistic endeavors, as they are highly-interested in sharing their personal visions of beauty, romance, charity, and spiritual expression to the entire world. DN9’s tend to be very kind, in touch with nature, and innately talented with a predisposition for being content in even the most hostile situations. They strive to ‘improve’ the mundane things in the world through their unique vision, and enjoy appreciating the beauty found in life. SU9’s are sensitive to the needs of others, and desire to be an inspirational influence on their close friends/family members. Gravitating towards jobs like teacher, defense attorney, and anything that allows for full creative expression while interacting with/affecting other people positively. The negative side of DN9/SU9’s can be most prevalent when their creative side is undernourished or ignored. They can find themselves behaving in the opposite direction that positive DN9/SU9’s do, tending to avoid working with others or hoarding thoughts and creativity away from the general public’s attention. At the worst, DN9/SU9’s may find themselves insensitive to others, and withdrawn from society as a whole as they feel content to allow the people closest to them to struggle if it means avoiding the hassle of dealing with it.

Name numerology explanation

Name Numerology is a form of numerology (a spiritual tradition, belief, or system devoted to finding the relationship in aspects of the physical/mental realm and numbers) that, as one might guess, deals almost exclusively with the name of an individual in determining personality, and potentially divining their future. Name Numerologyuses specific methods in the process of converting a person’s name (and sometimes their date of birth as well) into a string of numbers, which are then examined according to various number definitions that reveal which number (and thus which personality) best fits for the given person’s particular reading. While the practice of Name Numerology is mostly limited to expert numerologists that occasionally offer their services for a fee (not unlike astrologists, tarot card and/or psychic readers) today there are various websites available that offer a strictly mathematical calculation of Name Numerology extrapolation based on the various numerological systems for applied use.

Simply giving a Name Numerologist your name is enough information for them to provide a detailed analysis of your desires, aspirations, and personality traits. Thanks to the system originated by Pythagoras of Samos (via his ‘Destiny Number’ system that will be used exclusively throughout for simplicity), it’s easy to transcribe the letters that make up a person’s unique name into a single ‘Destiny Number’ that should tell the expert Name Numerologist all the information they need. Breaking down the letters one at a time, the alphabetic assignments for numbers are as follows:


  • A, J, and S are ‘1’
  • B, K, and T are ‘2’
  • C, L, and U are ‘3’
  • D, M, and V are ‘4’
  • E, N, and W are ‘5’
  • F, O, and X are ‘6’ (and this is a big reason why the ‘fox’, aka ‘666’, is seen as a particularly demonic entity in many numerological-significant traditions)
  • G, P, and Y are ‘7’
  • H, Q, and Z are ‘8
  • I, and R are ‘9’

To find your Destiny Number, a Name Numerologist will take your full name (with your middle name included) that was given at birth (no married names allowed). For instance, if John Smith and Jill Smith are married, the Name Numerologist would use Jill’s full maiden name for his calculations (i.e. Jill Anna White). The next step is to break each name down into numbers, by adding the digits up for each converted letter. (In Jill’s example, we get: ‘JILL’=1+9+3+3=’16’; ‘ANNA’=1+5+5+1=’12’; ‘WHITE’=5+8+9+2+5=’29’) After this, the numerical name representations need to be broken down into single-digit numbers through addition. (16=1+6=’7’; 12=1+2=’3’; 29=2+9=’11’ which can be further reduced to 1+1=’2’, but generally ‘11’ is not reduced in the Pythagorean systems as it is a ‘master number’ in addition to ‘22’—in this example reduction makes no practical difference as will be showed later on.) Finally, these reduced numbers as added together a final time, and reduced (if necessary) to acquire the Destiny Number of an individual (for Jill, we add 7+3+11 or 7+3+2 to get either 21 or 12, both working out to 2+1=‘3’ as her final Destiny Number). At this point, the Name Numerologist can apply their personal interpretation of the Destiny Number to Jill’s unique personality traits, and what they see as her strengths, areas she needs to work on, and possible points in the future she may need to look out for in regards to her Destiny Number and it’s relationship to the Universal Number for the current year (i.e. the year 2010 is a very compatible year for Jill since it is also ‘3’, and most Name Numerologist would predict great tidings for her).

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