Tyler - Name Meaning

While some baby names have a special story behind them, other names come from more practical roots. The name, Tyler, for example, is a name that was created because of the profession of tile maker. What might this mean for your child? Instead of thinking that this is a name that doesn’t apply to your child, instead think about how a tile maker works.

The energy of a tile maker is someone who lays down the pieces of a design, one by one, until the pattern is complete. It takes a lot of focus to do this work and it requires artistic creativity as well. While it might not seem that tile work is difficult, there are times when it can be very challenging, as you need to line up everything right in order to work.

A child with the name of Tyler might have the energy of someone with a lot of patience and practicality. They might be able to see the bigger picture, even when they’re taking smaller steps along the way. In addition, they can be someone who is reliable, from start to finish. They have a unique talent for creating something beautiful, even though it takes logic to ensure the right result.

Tyler is often shortened to Ty, in some families. This name make seem practical, but it’s also effective for a child who may need to have concentration as they get older or who might need to be precise in their lives.

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