Taylor - Name Meaning

Many people are now turning to traditionally masculine names for girl names, and this allows for more opportunities for name choices. Taylor, for example, is a more common girl name than it is a boy name, it seems, but it is still found in families in a variety of ways. Coming from the occupation of ‘tailor,’ this name is one that speaks to the idea of creation and of forming something with one’s hands. In doing so, one takes pieces and creates something of use and of beauty.

A child with the name of Taylor may be drawn to the idea of putting things together, of figuring out how to make things fit. While they might actually create clothes, they may be drawn to the act of creating something from pieces. This might be a poem, a story, or a business plan. This energy allows them to be able to see that every part is useful, even when it doesn’t seem like much on its own.

If you choose to name your child Taylor, you can shorten it to Tay, but most of the time, the name is used in its entirety. This name allows you to offer your child the energy of creating something and the energy of being able to find solutions to problems as they come up. Another part of being a tailor is that you need to measure something and adapt the pieces as needed – a lesson that we could all use in our lives.

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