Sophia - Name Meaning

Families have turned to newer names for their children, but they often tip their hat to the past. While Sophia was a popular name in earlier generations, it faded way in response to wanting more modern names. Today, Sophia is used more often, and this might be due to its meaning – wisdom. The idea of offering a child the name that means wisdom creates a powerful energy in their life.

Wisdom is not just the gathering of knowledge, after all. This is a deeper way in which one uses knowledge to create change in the world. A Sophia might be called to do what is right in her heart, even if she doesn’t understand just why she feels that way. In addition, a Sophia might be called to inspire others to find their true calling and path, as these are the ways to connect to wisdom.

With the name of Sophia, there is also an essence of femininity and a connection to martyrdom. This doesn’t mean that your child will want to die for what they believe, but they may have a stronger connection to their passion. They may be more likely to go into a field of study that is focused on creativity instead of practicality, but they are more likely to succeed because they have true wisdom.

Also used is Sophie, from the French language, instead of Sophia. Not often given a shortened form, this powerful name is able to create a powerful life for the child.

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