Sarah - Name Meaning

The name Sarah continues to be a popular choice for families, because of its biblical connection. With the meaning of princess, this is a name that is popular for girls, as every family may believe their child is a princess in some way. On the other hand, some families may seek to avoid this name, as the idea of being a princess is something that doesn’t have the same positive meaning for everyone.

What you need to keep in mind is that being a princess is not about being in a position of power necessarily, but rather being in a position where you can impact others. This name can help to create a feeling of importance in life, and that importance can lead to helping others find happiness.

Another possible outcome for a name of Sarah is that this child may be able to have the things they want in life, more so than others. Whether this is due to family or due to hard work, the fact that a girl feels that she can have all that she wants is no bad thing. So long as the feeling of entitlement isn’t present, this presumption of self worth can help to create a fulfilling life.

Sarah is not typically shortened into a nickname, as it is already short. It can be spelled in different ways, including Sara. Families who choose this name for their little girl certainly show that they see her as being important in their world.

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