Samantha - Name Meaning

While the name Samantha might have gone out of fashion at one point, it’s beginning to come back into vogue. Samantha means ‘listener’ and it can be a lovely way to bring a child the energy of more openness and awareness as they grow older. With the addition of more listening skills, one can be open to truly hearing the song of the world outside, allowing the child to be a more engaged soul in the world.

For many parents, Samantha is a good choice because it allows for the nickname of Sam, which can be fun. This less gender oriented nickname is a bit more popular these days, and with the meaning, Samantha has become a popular choice.

With the name of Samantha, a child may be more prone to being quiet in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to say. They might choose instead to hold onto their thoughts until they have something of value to add. This intention way of interesting in the world allows the child to be a more effective person, as well as a more likeable friend.

Samantha is the name that can be chosen when you want to bring more listening into your child’s world, even if they don’t realize that’s the reason for their name. In time, when they realize this connection, they can begin to see that you wanted them to hear all of the joy present in the world.

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