Olivia - Name Meaning

Though there are some baby meaning sites that will say Olivia means elf’s army, the actual meaning behind this word is ‘olive’ as in the olive branch that was given in order to show peace between two groups. The feeling of peace that this name give to the child who has the name is helpful, no matter what world they may encounter when they are born.

When a child is given a peaceful name like Olivia, they are able to see the world in terms of the peace that could be created. In addition, they might be motivated to take on roles in their lives that cause them to create more peace among others they know. Others might find they are looking to create peace just for themselves.

The peace the surrounds the child named Olivia is natural and soothing to those with whom they communicate and relate. They are able to find the resolution to problems and they are willing to sort things out until peace is found in some way. An Olivia is someone who might be the one in between fighting people, trying to get them to resolve the situation.

Often shortened to Liv, Olivia can be a name that is both quaint and modern, as it has begun to be more popular among parents of girls today. Sweet and peaceful, this name allows a child to feel the love of her parents, and to know that her parents only want peace for her life.

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