Noah - Name Meaning

When you look at your child, you might think they are sweet and innocent, and for many parents, this is also where naming their child Noah might come up. This name means rest or comfort, which is something that every parent may want for his or her child. A life of tranquility and peace is a life that is unburdened and carefree. By adding this name to their life, the child is able to feel relaxed.

Noah is a name that is soft and simple to remember too, which can be a grateful addition to a longer last name. Additionally, the child can grow up knowing the stories of Noah, and the ark. This story is one in which Noah had to have faith that the instructions he was given were accurate. Noah trusted in God and created the ark, which ended up saving all of the world.

While the child might not be able to save the whole world from a flood, they can rest in their lives, knowing they are on a journey. They are able to make the best decisions when they listen to those they trust and they can be certain that even the hardest tasks will allow for positive results. In this peace, they can rest and they can take comfort. Though not everyone will be easy, Noah will understand that what’s happening is a part of the process, and a part of the way things are meant to be.

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