Nicholas - Name Meaning

Parents that are interested in creating positive energy for their children right from the start will often choose powerful names that have meaning for them. The name Nicholas is a name that can help to infuse a child with power, even though they might not know what this means until they are older.

The name Nicholas is associated with the idea of victory and overcoming the trials and the competitions of life. Since life is often about overcoming things that seem tremendous, this name can help the child who is interested in more than just being good in life. This name is a good choice for those who want to be the victors.

The idea of being a victor can be used in a number of settings in life, including business, athletics, military work, etc. When a child is given the name of Nicholas, they have the opportunity to live up to their name when they are out in life, making decisions, and trying to win at whatever competition they might face.

While no one is guaranteed to be victorious all of the time, the one that goes into battle thinking they have the best chance is the one that can find ways to win and overcome.

Nicholas can be shorted to ‘Nick’ or ‘Nic’ too, so this name has a bit of flexibility when being used among friends and family members. But shortening the name doesn’t take away the idea that this person is bound to emerge the victor in their lives.

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