Michael - Name Meaning

The name Michael is another name that is a popular choice for parents today. Since it can be shorted to Mike, it’s a name that can grow up with your child. They can use the full name when they are older and use the nickname when they are younger or with friends.

From a biblical source, the name Michael is associated with being like God. If you have a strong religious background or belief, then this name can hold special meaning not only for your child, but also for your family. In addition, this name is one that is easily recognized, and can be spelled in a variety of ways, if you want to adjust the traditional spelling.

Some families like to use the names of prophets in the Bible to help create a spiritual feeling and blessing for their children. When a child is named something special, it becomes more likely they will hold onto the characteristics of that name, causing them to act in a moral manner. While your child may not be god-like at all times, the name can remind you of their potential and their ability to be more generous to others, as God would be.

With the name Michael, a child will have a name that is able to connect them to a higher power, even if you don’t use the word God. This special name is just what a special child needs to remind themselves how much their parents care for them.

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