Matthew - Name Meaning

As another biblical name, Matthew is a name often chosen by families around the world. It can be shortened to Matt or Matty when the child is young, helping the child have a more casual name until they are older. Once the child is older, the full name Matthew can be used in professional settings.

Like many other biblical names, Matthew is a name that is associated with the idea of being the gift of God. Since many parents would agree that their child is someone who is a gift from above, this name can hold special importance to you and to your family. Imagine if a child has a hard time in the birth process or who has been prayed for in the past – the name Matthew might be particularly meaningful to the family, and to the child when they learn of its background.

Matthew is also a name that can be suitable in a number of settings since it’s easily recognizable and it’s a name that is common. Even though the name might not be unique, it still allows the child to feel like they have a name that others before them have had. This connection to a lineage of importance is a strong gift to a child before or when they are born.

With the name Matthew, a child will easily be able to write the name and to create new spellings, if they like. While they are a gift of above, this name also reminds them they are a gift to their family too.

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