Madison - Name Meaning

Interestingly enough, Madison is not necessarily the girl name that you think it to be. The actual meaning of the word is ‘Matthew’s son,’ which is why some people avoid using the name altogether for a daughter. But this name has consistently risen in popularity as it has been in movies and books for main characters.

Often shortened to Mad or Maddy, Madison is a name that is sophisticated and modern, in the eyes of many. This obvious reference to Madison Avenue also creates the energy of effectiveness in life and success. While there are no guarantees in life, the energy of Madison is one of hope and collectedness, which are key ingredients in the movement toward success.

In a family that already has a number of modern names for children, Madison can be a good choice that will flow with the rest of the family, while also creating the opportunity for following the current trends in names. Or the name can be a way to create a name that is less gender specific, as this is also used as a boys name.

For those who are interested in staying modern, Madison is the obvious choice, and it also seems to have staying power in terms of continuing to be one that parents will use in the future. The modern tone and feel of the name doesn’t create the chance of being outdated in the coming decades. And with so many parents using the name today, it’s clear there will be many Madisons for years to come.

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