Lauren - Name Meaning

Like many other popular names today, Lauren is derived from the natural world – the laurel tree. But this laurel tree has other meanings, as seen in mythology and history. The laurel branch, for example, was wrapped around the heads of those who were victorious, helping to show who was effective in battle. This isn’t to say that naming your child Lauren will cause them to be in battle, but if they are, they will have the wisdom they need in order to be the victor.

The meaning of Lauren speaks to the idea that there is victory in wisdom. We all have wisdom in some sense, even if we don’t realize it. When a child is given this name, they are given the opportunity to remind themselves they know what to do or they will know what to do when the time comes to make a decision.

Lauren is also related to Laura, so this can be an alternative to this name. In wrapping your child with the laurel branch of victory, you show them that you believe they can be a success at all that they do, even if there isn’t a battle to be fought.

With the name Lauren, there is also a tone of sophistication that often comes along with wisdom. This child is graceful in their actions, focused in their beliefs, and ready to take the next step in life. A Lauren is decidedly calm in the face of conflict, and ready to emerge from the situation positively.

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