Joshua - Name Meaning

Year after year, it seems that many parents turn to biblical names to help them with their baby name choice. While they might not be religious, a name like Joshua is one that will help inform a child of their potential. When you think about the story of Joshua and the whale, the child then becomes a part of the story and a part of the energy of overcoming something that seems impossible.

Even though Joshua was swallowed by the whale, he overcame the odds. Joshua is a name that can be associated with having a lot of resourcefulness and stamina, even in the face of challenges. Since every person will have to encounter challenges in their lives, this name holds special importance to the child who is given it.

Joshua can also be shorted to Josh or it can be used as the full name, depending on the child and on the family in which the child is born. With this name, the child will be reminded that they are someone who is powerful and that can figure out life’s problems when they come up.

The name – Joshua – is one that will help to create a blessing of strength upon the child and an energy of trust. The family with a child by the name of Joshua is a family that cares about their child’s future. At the same time, the family then shows they trust the child to determine how they will overcome things they face.

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