Joseph - Name Meaning

Joseph is a Hebrew name with a meaning that can be interpreted in several ways. The basic meaning is ‘he will enlarge,’ which is why many parents consider this name in the first place. By bestowing upon your child the idea that they are going to get bigger and bolder in life, this will encourage them to try harder and to try to get more from what they expect from life.

This name can also be a good fit for a child that seems to be heading into dramatic arts or expressive arts. While you certainly can’t predict what your child is going to do with their life, you can give them a name like Joseph to make sure they are going to do it bigger and better than everyone else.

Often shortened to Joe, Joseph is a name that can be a good fit for someone who you want to have all the good things in life. When they get something they want in life, the idea of enlarging it only speaks to how much better they can get with each turn in the road of life. At the same time, this might also create larger concerns when the child is facing troubles, as they might also be able to enlarge.

With the name, Joseph, a child has a great responsibility to be big in the world. No matter what they choose to do, you can know it will be bigger than their wildest dreams.

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