John - Name Meanings

If there were ever a name that was more recognizable or more often used, it would have to be John. Sometimes spelled Jon, and changed to Johnny, this name’s meaning is also very religious, ‘graced by God.’ While this sounds like a mighty name to choose, it is also a name that can blessed a child when they are growing up. After all, a person who is blessed is a person that will be able to make it through any number of changes and adjustments in their life.

Simple and common, John is a name that works well with a variety of last names, as well as with a number of middle names. For those who are interested in a name that isn’t going to cause ridicule at school, this can also be a strong choice. Additionally, the name is one that allows the child to easily write it and spell it as they grow up and begin to communicate on paper.

John can be a good name for a child who has been lucky already in their lives. Being graced by God is certainly a gift, and every child is a gift as well. With the name of John, the child will be able to feel as though they’re being watched over, no matter what they believe. And in the end, the parents are the ones that have given the child the blessing, and you might very well do the same for your child.

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