James - Name Meaning

Derived from the same source as Jacob, James is a name that means supplanter. It’s no wonder this name is powerful, as it is associated with another name that’s linked with the bible and with religious texts. James is the one that overthrows others in the name of what is right – and a child with this name can have this same energy follow him during his life.

Often shortened to Jim, Jimmy, or Jamie, this name is for a child that needs to have a little push in life. This name allows the child to be more powerful in their decision making, while also being ready to create some change if a change needs to take place. Though this name is common, many others with this name were certainly changers and shifters in their lives.

James is a name that works well in a family that wants to continue the J names or who wants to have more religious names for their boys. Some families also find that this name is a refreshing way to have a professional sounding name, as well as opportunities for strong nicknames.

Whether you choose to name your child before the birth or when they are born, James is a classic choice that will continue to be a favorite among parents and families. The strong sound of the name and the ability to soften it to Jim allows for flexibility as the child grows up and wants to create new identities for himself.

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