Isabella - Name Meaning

With the Twilight series, it’s no wonder that more people are choosing the name Isabella, or Bella. Other ways to spell it and shorten it include: Isobel, Isabell, Izabel, etc. You can choose to adjust the spelling as you like. The overall meaning that is attributed to this name is God’s promise, which can be a weighty meaning for some families, and just the perfect amount of blessing for children in other families.

Isabella is a name that is romantic in tone, allowing for the name to be immediately identifiable as feminine. For those families who like the girly names, Isabella is a perfect way to encapsulate that sort of tone. At the same time, this name also helps families who want to have multiple ways to use shortened versions of the name.

While it might seem unwise to choose a name that is associated with a popular movie, this is not the only reason why people are choosing the name. In fact, this name has been in the top twenty of baby name lists for a few years now, so even before the series of vampire movies came out.

With this name, the idea of the promise is one that blesses a child with the idea they have opportunities in this world, even if they can’t always see them on their own. With the proper guidance and support from others, the child will have what they need in life and they will be graced by God.

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