Hannah - Name Meaning

Another more common name in families today is the name Hannah. While this once was a name that was used in past decades, it’s enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with literature and other media forms. With the meaning of ‘grace’ and ‘favor,’ this name is one that is suitable for girls in many families. The name conjures up the idea of a life that continues to reveal miracles and joy.

Children with the name of Hannah may not have nicknames, but their name is generally used in its entirety as it sounds more poetic that way. This is truly a name that allows the person who has it to feel as though they are a part of something special in life. With the name of Hannah from stories and mythology, this is a name that has been associated with strong women and perseverance.

Families that want to create a classic name that is still modern can choose Hannah to meet these needs. While this name’s popularity continues to grow, it also is a name that can stand the test of time. The appeal of this name is not how modern it is, but how classic it is in the world. And with the meaning of offering grace and favor to the person that has it, it becomes the perfect selection for families who want to give their child a chance to have a special name that stands out from the rest.   It’s no wonder that families are choosing this name more often.

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