Ethan - Name Meaning

Coming from the Hebrew language, Ethan is a newer name to hit the top baby names lists. While it’s more popular, it’s also a name that has special importance for the person who is given the name and for the family in which this name will be used. Many people don’t realize that while this name is trendier, it has a powerful meaning.

Ethan is a name that is associated with being strong or firm. In this sense, the child that has this name may have challenges in trying to remain strong during difficult times. They may find themselves in positions where they need to test their strength and their resilience.

What you might also want to know is that Ethan is also a name that has been linked with being impetuous. While it could be said that all children have their moments of playfulness, those who have the name of Ethan may find themselves draw to being more impish than normal.

For those families considering the name Ethan, they will notice there isn’t a simple way to create a nickname from this word. If this is important, Ethan might make a better middle name to ensure it is still used, though not in a more casual sort of way.

The child called Ethan is strong and determined, and likely to succeed in all that he does. While their strength may be tested, they also have the ability to create mischief along the way.

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