Emma - Name Meaning

While many people think that Emily and Emma are the same name, just with different uses, this is not the case. Instead, Emma is a name that means something completely different – universal. For those who are interested in name meanings, Emma is the name that works well for a child that a family sees as being all-encompassing.

But what does this mean? For a modern family, Emma is simply a trendy name, one that a number of celebrities share in the modern times. On the other hand, the introduction of the name, Emma, also creates the opportunity for blessing the child with all of the gifts of the world. They are a child that is open to everything they experience and they are ready to take in the newness of experience.

In addition, a child with the name of Emma might be more open to the experiences of others, making them a strong friend and someone that is a natural peacemaker. For parents, the use of Emma as a name can also help to bestow the idea of openness of purpose on the child. This is a child who might be more open to having many paths in life instead of just one. And while this might seem a little spacey to some, this openness allows the child to be able to see all of the possibilities of the world. Finally, the name of Emma also denotes the idea that many people will accept her.

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