Emily - Name Meaning

When you look into the names you might give to your child, you may come across some meanings that don’t quite add up. Emily, for example, has a meaning of ‘rival,’ according to research. At the same time, it is also a name that is associated with Emily Dickinson, the poet.

One might look at the name of Emily as something that is beautiful to say aloud, which makes it a poetic addition to a surname. And the idea of being a rival can also speak to the fact that others might see Emily as a rival, someone to be admired and appreciated. The child with the name of Emily will not be alone either in their name. This name continues to be one of the most popular girl names for children in the United States.

With this name, the child might be able to think of their life as being one that sets an example. They might look at the things they choose to do and decide that they need to be more or less careful with their decisions if they want to create the right impression with others and be a role model.

At the same time, a girl with the name of Emily can also be called Em, which can serve as a more casual nickname. Families that choose the name of Emily may want to remember their child might be envied as a result of their name and subsequent gifts, but with this envy comes responsibility.

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