David - Name Meaning

While any name you could choose for a child is a special one, David hold particular significance for those who want to use a name that’s associated with love. David’s meaning is ‘beloved’ and it also holds specific importance to those who are interested in supporting the bible or their Jewish roots.

Often shortened to Dave or Davey, this name works well to remind a child they are always loved in the world, even when things don’t seem like they’re moving in a positive way. The child will continue to feel as though they are held in the arms of something bigger than themselves. They are always loved and they always have features about them that will allow them to be loved. Being a beloved also means they are connected to others who love them.

David is a name that can be highly important to a child who might have a tougher time in life. When they can go back and remember they are not just any child, but a beloved child, things can seem brighter, even when things are complicated in ways that the child did not expect.

A beloved child is certainly an idea that can be applied to any child, but when you want to bless your child with this reminder every day, the name David can be a strong choice. While your child might still have the ups and downs that come with life, they can also have the moments where they can connect back to something bigger.

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